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Easy to calculate the returns before you make the investment on SIP

Mutual funds with a systematic investment plan (SIP) are one of the most preferred funds in the market by good numbers of investors. These funds come with a lot of benefits and are the reason why the numbers of people searching for the same online in getting increased in tremendous rates. Even though there are several factors to consider making your selection the right one, rate of returns is the foremost factor you should consider along with the performance of the fund to assure good earnings with minimized risks.


Returns matters

Returns from investment really matter. Every investor enters the investment market to assure a secured future even after retirement. They invest some part of the monthly balance amount as savings for the future. Mutual funds with SIP seems to be the best product since it helps the investors to invest a considerable portion of the income in fixed amounts during regular intervals to earn decent returns at the end of tenure. Even a small difference in the rate of returns can make a good difference in the total amount since you make the investment for years. It is a good idea to make use of mutual fund sip calculator to get an idea about the estimated amount of returns before making the investment.

Funds with different rate of interest

There different mutual funds with SIP to select from in the market. Rate of interest and period vary from one to another and generally the rate of interest increases with the increase in the period of investment. If you prefer long term investment, then try to select the fund that gives a good return on investment. Now it is so easy to calculate mutual fund returns with an online calculator. Just enter the amount of investment per month, number of payments and the expected rate of annual return. You will get the total value of the investment at the end of tenures instantly. This helps a lot to compare different funds and to select the right one.

Have a look at online listings

If you find it difficult to get the list of mutual funds with SIP, then make use of reputed online mutual fund platforms. These platforms give you the list of funds with the best performance along with the expected rate of returns. You can also make use of annual return statements of the funds to have a look at the rates of returns. This helps you a lot to select some of the best funds and to calculate the expected based on the current rate using SIP calculator.

Take the decision wisely

You should be well aware of your monthly income balance before making the investment. Make a calculation with the total income and average monthly expenses. This helps you to save some amount from the balance without affecting the financial budget of the family. Then, start your research and find the best fund that provides maximum return for the investment you make on regular intervals using mutual fund sip calculator. This is how most of the investors select the right mutual fund that better match with their affordability and investment goals.

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